• Al Omooma Hospital TVC 2012


Al Omooma Hospital is a specialized Maternity and Pediatric Hospital located in a very accessible location by the Fourth Ring road, Riggae Area. We offer our guests the best care through our integrated continum of clinical Care. We have qualified, well trained and carefully selected staff committed to work exclusively in line with international approved standards of quality. 

Our Hospital is equipped with state of the art medical equipement. Our Hospital furniture is carefully selected to express luxury, comfort, health and safety. 

The Scope of services outlines the range of clinical services and practices that are women/children-centered to provide an integrated, accessible, Safe and high quality system of health care, and is classified into:

  • Primary and intermediate, inpatient and outpatient, medical and surgical services
  • Intensive care services, general and neonatal
  • After working hours outpatient clinics and emergency services
  • Home care services
  • Diagnostics laboratory and radiology services

We are proud to be the first hospital in Kuwait that uses the Generic Names in the treatment prescriptions,

according to the medical carrier international standards ...

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